The world's firstLiving Coral BiobankA groundbreaking project to preserve coral biodiversity
Taking action today to save the world’s corals for tomorrow.
An exceptional group of individuals and organisations have joined forces with a single purpose: to collect living specimens of the world’s coral species and preserve them in a ‘coral ark’, creating a true legacy for future generations.
The need is driven by unprecedented losses in coral cover and declines in reef health resulting from a range of pressures – most significantly coral bleaching events driven by climate change. With every successive bleaching event, we are losing the most vulnerable coral reefs and species.
Globally, coral reefs support over 25% of all marine species, and over 1 billion people depend on them for their survival. Nationally, the Great Barrier Reef has been conservatively estimated to contribute over $6.4 billion in direct value-add to the Australian economy and support over 64,000 jobs.
The situation is critical if we are to sustain what remains of the largest natural living structure on the planet and an Australian icon, the Great Barrier Reef.
The time to act is now
A Three Stage Approach
Stage 1: Concept
  • Seed funding secured
  • Business case prepared demonstrating clear need (this document)
  • Founding partnerships established with:
    • Traditional Owners
    • Research Institutes
    • Industry experts
    • Local government
    • Local businesses
  • Conducted "Search for Biodiversity" expedition to select collection sites
  • Approximately $4.8 million of in-kind contributions secured including:
    • Granting of land for the Living Coral Biobank Multi-Function Facility ($2.4 million value)
    • Creation of Living Coral Biobank Multi-Function Facility concept drawings and engineering
Complete ✓
Stage 2: Beginning
  • Collect and store 50% Great Barrier Reef hard coral species (approx. 200 species) in initial Living Coral Biobank facility and visitor centre
  • Appoint Project Manager and Facility Operations Manager
  • Build awareness and grow support for project through education and engagement
  • Strengthen and expand partnerships and networks to include public and private aquariums as Living Coral Biobank hubs for maintaining backup fragments
  • Co-host first international symposium in Port Douglas on banking live coral fragments and genetic material
  • Prepare detailed 5 year business plan
  • Secure funding for Stage 3
Stage 3: Completion
  • Build Living Coral Biobank Multi-Function Centre
  • Collect and store 100% Great Barrier Reef hard coral species (approx. 400 species)
  • Collect and store remaining hard coral species (approx. 400 species) from around the world
  • Activate Living Coral Biobank hubs and create largest collaborative network of live corals in the world
  • Build on existing partnerships and continue to explore opportunities to advance coral reef research, conservation, restoration and management and deliver enhanced benefits to communities.

A Great Barrier Reef Legacy Project

Great Barrier Reef Legacy is a not-for-profit organisation created to address the urgent need to secure the long-term survival of the Great Barrier Reef and coral reefs world-wide. Built on over 35 years of expedition, tourism and research experience, we deliver groundbreaking projects, innovative science, education and public engagement to accelerate actions vital to the preservation of coral reef. Through public, private and corporate funding, Great Barrier Reef Legacy brings together the best scientific minds, talented educators and inspired multimedia specialists to create positive and lasting outcomes for our environment.