The world's firstLiving Coral BiobankA groundbreaking project to preserve coral biodiversity

A groundbreaking new project, the Living Coral Biobank will safeguard the biodiversity of all known hard coral species through the collection, housing and maintenance of corals and their algal symbionts in a state of the art holding facility in Port Douglas. Backup fragments will also be housed by public aquariums and home aquarists to create the largest collaborative preservation network of corals in the world, ensuring their survival into the future.

A Great Barrier Reef Legacy Project

Great Barrier Reef Legacy is a not-for-profit organisation created to address the urgent need to secure the long-term survival of the Great Barrier Reef and coral reefs world-wide. Built on over 35 years of expedition, tourism and research experience, we deliver groundbreaking projects, innovative science, education and public engagement to accelerate actions vital to the preservation of coral reef. Through public, private and corporate funding, Great Barrier Reef Legacy brings together the best scientific minds, talented educators and inspired multimedia specialists to create positive and lasting outcomes for our environment.